Sherwin-Williams rolls out high-end paint

New York City -- Sherwin-Williams marketing executives pulled out all the superlatives and top-drawer adjectives to describe the company’s latest entry in a crowded paint field.

The Emerald Interior and Exterior line of paints, introduced today during a reception at Rockefeller Center, will be a high-end entrant in the mid-$60 per can range. 

It’s one of the few high-end entrants in recent years that didn’t use the “paint-and-primer-in-one” angle. Instead, the company’s pitch on the label is “beauty, washability, sustainability.” Emerald Interior is GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certified, emits minimal odor and features antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint film.

At the same time as it introduced Emerald paint, the company introduced ColorCast Eco Toners, a new tinting system that will not add to the VOC content of any coating when tinted. While current industry tint systems affect paint thickness and consistency, ColorCast Eco Toner colorants maintain the paint’s full body after tinting, delivering thick, rich coats for maximum performance, according to the company.

“These products set an unprecedented standard in paint by driving product breakthroughs in quality and environmental responsibility,” said Steve Revnew, VP product innovation, Sherwin-Williams.

The Emerald exterior paint will sell in the $70-a-gallon range.

The new Emerald Interior and Exterior acrylic latex paints and ColorCast Eco Toners will be available in Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide on July 1, 2012. The company operates 3,400 stores.


- 6:13 PM
GeorgeM says

Started to use my first of 9 gals of exterior Emerald that I purchased during S-W late July sale (at 40% off). This is for my own home as I'm not sure many client's will pay for a $70+ gal paint. So try it on your own home first and then you can talk with experience. I'm very pleased with how the paint applies and dries. I'm getting about 300 SF per gal. Doing most by brush (on 15 year old ABTco siding painted 2 times in the past with DURON brand) Now I just have to wait 10 to 15 years to see if it really lasts!

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