Sears' new director is no stranger to 'Moneyball'

Hoffman Estates, Ill.-based Sears Holdings Corp. has added Paul G. DePodesta to its board of directors.

DePodesta is currently VP player development and amateur scouting for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball, but he is more famous as the young, forward-thinking, statistics-obsessed Oakland A's executive upon whom the Jonah Hill character was partially based in the recent movie "Moneyball."

DePodesta, who has not yet been named to any committees of the board, meets the company's standards of independence, as well as those of NASDAQ, Sears said.


- 2:36 PM says

I've written to Sears Customer Service, and now I'll write to you as a consumer. In my opinion, it won't matter who heads up Sears, if they don't improve on customer service at the floor level. Sears used to have THE BEST customer service model; they had the most friendly people, and always well-staffed in all departments, and especially in the appliance department, one of their biggest money-makers. Last year I went in for a new stackable washer/dryer unit (about $1500). There was ONE sales associate on the floor, and 8 customers. She apologized to each of us, and had to serve us in order of arrival. EACH OF US 8 CUSTOMERS STOOD IN FRONT OF THE APPLIANCE WE WANTED, AND EACH OF US WAS READY TO PURCHASE RIGHT THEN! WE HAD OUR CREDIT CARDS IN OUR HANDS! After an hour, she was on the third customer; by then 3 other customers had left, and I waited another 15 mintues and gave up and left. I have visited two more times since, in the clothing departments. Nobody to wait on the customer. It's like a ghost town and when I have found an associate, they don't know about their products, and they seem stressed and harried. Good-bye to Sears, I'm afraid, unless things change. Sincerely, A Former Customer

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