Safety Works brings compliance to shelves

With changes in the OSHA rules governing residential construction fall protection for contractors, Safety Works is spreading the word on compliance through creative merchandising and other materials.

Wexford, Pennsylvania-based Safety Works, during the National Hardware Show and elsewhere, distributed its Residential Fall Protection Fact Sheet, which clarified the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s recent changes to the residential construction fall protection regulations for contractors.

One of the main points: Falls are the leading cause of on-the-job deaths among construction workers. 

OSHA recently began enforcing what’s known technically as 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(13) for all residential construction work. Among other things, that means that slide guards or safety monitor systems no longer can be substituted for conventional fall protection methods, such as guardrails, safety nets or personal fall arrest systems.

Safety Works is helping bring compliance to the shelves.

“We have organized our fall protection products with merchandising that makes selection as easy as A, B, C,” reads the brochure. “A for anchorages, B for body harness and C for connectors -- all clearly labeled on the packaging and in the merchandising.

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