Russian brothers pled guilty in HD burglaries

Two brothers charged with stealing $1,000 worth of tools from several Home Depots in Northern California have taken a plea bargain, according to an article in the Chico Enterprise Record.

Yevgeniy Ivakhov, 24, and Valeriy Ivakhov, 19, pleaded guilty on May 4 to one felony count each of receiving stolen property in a Butte County Superior Court. The Ivakhovs had faced additional charges of second-degree commercial burglary and grand theft.

A third defendant, Andrey Gelis, 26, pleaded no contest to grand theft on April 20. The judge dismissed burglary and receiving stolen property charges in the case.

The three defendants were arrested on April 13 by the California Highway Patrol after being stopped for a vehicle code violation in Marysville, Calif. The CHP officer found unopened boxes of merchandise from Home Depot in the trunk. 

Upon further investigation, the Russian nationals were identified as suspects in burglaries of other Home Depot stores in the region. Authorities said the men operated a theft ring where two of them ran out of stores with merchandise while the third waited in a getaway car.

The Ivakhovs and Gelis are wanted on warrants in other Northern California jurisdictions and may face additional charges, according to the article. 


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