Roxul turns up the heat on stone wool at PDIS

Roxul's product demo at the Industry Summit proved that stone wool could stand up to fire.

Roxul Inc., based in Milton, Ontario and Grand Forks, B.C., required a compulsory warning sign next to its ProDealer Industry Summit display in Nashville last week: its live product demonstration involved a flame that was continuously pointed at its stone wool insulation for hours on end.

According to sales representative Dan Brown, people have been slow in the past to realize that the flame was indeed real.

The Roxul Safe'n'Sound and Roxul Comfortbatt on display was capable of resisting more than just fire: it is also water-repellant and sound-absorbant, demonstrated by dipping the product sample into a bucket of water and completely muffing out the sound of a loud alarm.

The stone wool is sourced from basalt rock, which is dried lava that occurs naturally as a result of volcanic activity. Thanks to its non-directional fiber orientation, it also resists mold, mildew, rot and bacterial growth, insuring homeowners against a spate of environmental hazards.

According to the company, the higher R-value of Roxul insulation can save up to 30% on energy bills.

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