Rolling Stones keyboardist weighs in on LEED

Almost everyone seems to have an opinion on which wood certifications should be accepted by the U.S. Green Building Council under its LEED rating system. One voice that recently emerged from the vox populi was Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for The Rolling Stones, who published a piece in Mother Nature Network praising Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal for expanding green building credits to include several wood certification systems.

“It’s time that SFI- and ATFS-certified lands get the recognition they deserve,” wrote Leavell, who owns and manages an ATFS-certified tree plantation near Macon, Ga. After making many of the familiar arguments against the current LEED standard, which recognizes only FSC-certified wood, Leavell urged the U.S. Green Building Council to be more inclusive during its current review of its LEED standards.

“Although LEED is making improvements that would allow more consideration and recognition of the environmental benefits of wood, much more needs to happen before the rest of these forest certification standards are fully integrated into LEED’s standards,” Leavell wrote.

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