Robert Bowden chooses Epicor software to run operations

Marietta, Georgia-based wholesale building supply company Robert Bowden announced this week that it would begin using Epicor’s BizTrack software.

According to the company’s CFO Greg Lucas, the switch from a proprietary planning system is the result of Robert Bowden’s growth since starting in 1983.

“When you are a small startup, you might be able to track your operations with spreadsheets,” Lucas said. “However when you reach a certain size it is important to have a system in place that will support, measure and report on your ability to maintain your core business values. BisTrack will give us the advanced controls and structure to make sure that we keep true to our principles.”

Robert Bowden will use BizTrack as a point of sale system, as well as a method to keep track of inventory, orders, purchases and delivery, among other business aspects.

“We believe it is going to lead to fewer inventory adjustments and overall less inventory because of its comprehensive inventory tracking and management features,” Lucas said.

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