RILA sounds off on Affordable Care Act

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) issued the following statement in response to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer mandate proposed rules filed early in January in the Federal Register. 

“RILA applauds the Treasury Department for including flexible solutions in the proposed rules, which were developed with input from our member companies and the Employers for Flexibility in Health Care Coalition,” said Christine Pollack, VP government affairs. “Employers are committed to providing their employees with quality and affordable health benefits. Nonetheless, with the law’s effective date less than a year away, employers still face enormous challenges and costs to comply with the health law.”

RILA has engaged closely with the Treasury Department and other administration agencies in an effort to shape the complex rulemaking process. Last month in a letter to President Obama, RILA highlighted the effect the overdue rules would have on employers. Specifically, RILA has argued that with no time left to reasonably comply with implementation rules, transition relief is needed to allow employers to adapt existing benefits and design future benefits to comply with the law. 

“RILA appreciates the inclusion of transition relief in the proposed rules for non-calendar year employer-sponsored health plans. However, relief is still needed for the employer-sponsored plans that must comply with the law in less than a year. Without it, well-intentioned employers will be subject to a variety of penalties, and coverage for millions of Americans could be jeopardized,” said Pollack.


- 2:11 PM says

The "affordable" care act is anything but. It is a $2.5+ Trillion anti-seniors, job reducing welfare scam and a massive middle class tax hike to fund Obama's freeloaders and illegal's. Hiring 16,500 IRS agents plus thousands of costly new bureaucrats hardly has nything to dow ith making healthcare affordable. IF Obama cared in the least about healthcare he would ask to have this scam repealed and then work on a bill that is no more than 75 pages and reduces costs without stealing senior's money.

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