RILA reflects on the Affordable Care Act

The vice president of government affairs for the Retail Industry Leaders Association reflected on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which became law three years ago this week.

“In the last three years, it has become increasingly apparent that the law is administratively complex and burdensome for well-intentioned retail employers who want to provide employer-sponsored health coverage to their employees and families,” wrote Christine Pollack, VP of government affairs for RILA. 

Her comments appear on the RILA website, under the headline: “RILA Blog Post - Affordable Care Act: Three years later and questions, concerns still remain.”

The article concludes: “RILA is committed to ensuring the employer-sponsored health system remains a viable coverage option for decades to come. While the proposed rules included limited transition relief for certain employers, more must be done. As we countdown the months, weeks and days before the law goes into effect, RILA will continue to advocate to the White House, regulators in the federal departments and agencies, and lawmakers on Capitol Hill that all employers must be provided with transition relief under the health law.”

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