RILA exec says imports work

Stephanie Lester

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) highlighted what it called “the essential role that imports play in the American economy” as part of the World Trade Month in May and the recent “Imports Work” week.

RILA said global value chains and increasing flexibility can improve the ability of American companies to compete in the global economy, while benefiting workers and consumers in the domestic market.

“Retailers are well aware of the critical role imports play in the American economy,” said Stephanie Lester, VP international trade at RILA. “For the sake of American economic competitiveness, U.S. trade policy should also acknowledge the value of imports and work with the global economy instead of against it.”

Lester added: “Imports create American jobs, and trade policy should be updated to support these imports and the millions of American workers who help to create them and bring them to market.”

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