Ridgefield supply gains new purchasing manager

After 45 years with another company, Jeff Batterton makes a career move.

Jeff Batterton began his LBM career as a driver.

The Ridgefield Supply Company appointed Jeff Batterton as its new purchasing manager. Batterton brings 45 years of extensive management and industry experience to Ridgefield, Connecticut-based Ridgefield Supply. 

Batterton began his new role at RSC on July 17. The move comes at a time when the company is experiencing what it calls upward mobility.

“We are thrilled to have someone so knowledgeable of the industry and who understands the commodity of specialty purchasing to join our team as Ridgefield Supply’s Purchasing Manager,” said Margaret Price, CEO and owner of Ridgefield Supply. “After being at one company 45 years, for Jeff to make a change, says a lot about who we are.”

Prior to joining Ridgefield Supply, Mr. Batterton worked at Iffland Lumber Company for 45 years where he climbed the leadership ladder. He began his career as a driver. From there, he was promoted to Operations Manager, then Purchasing Agent and finally General Manager. As the new Purchasing Manager for Ridgefield Supply, Mr. Batterton will buy lumber, building materials and specialty products.

“I am proud to join the Ridgefield Supply team and hope to continue to build and grow RSC,” said Mr. Batterton. “I had the honor and opportunity to know Margaret’s late father, Louis, but it is truly Margaret who has taken the company and remodeled it.  Margaret has incredible plans for the team, company and future of Ridgefield Supply.”

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