Retailing in 2013 and beyond: The conference

The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) hosts a day-long series of presentations in Chicago Oct. 17, including the economic backdrop of home improvement. 

On the agenda of the HIRI conference at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza is a presentation titled: “The U.S. Economic Backdrop for Home Improvement,” to be presented by Joshua Rosenbaum, managing director of global industrial group for UBS. The presentation carries the subhead: “Two steps forward, one step back … or is it one step forward, one step back?” 

The presentation will examine the signs of improvement in the U.S. housing market and the concerns that cloud a recovery, including the uncertainty in European financial markets. The presentation, one of seven on tap in Chicago, will address the hottest issues facing the economy and the industry from a Wall Street perspective. 

Other presentations include: "Technology Forcing Change In Home Improvement Retailing" and "Home Improvement Retailing 2013 and Beyond: Seizing Opportunities in a Transforming Market."


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