Retailers capitalize on Earth Day

Retailers across the home channel are offering a number of promotions surrounding Earth Day, April 22.

Here is a rundown of some of the promotions offered by a few home channel companies:

• Home Depot launched an advertising campaign with an Earth Day theme, encouraging consumers to buy eco-friendly items, such as Energy Star appliances. Other promotions include a sale on compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) that features a contest in which the consumer who finds a “green” CFL bulb in his or her pack wins a $5,000 Home Depot shopping spree.

• Lowe’s offers a variety of tips on its Web site as part of a special Earth Day section -- they include tips on gardening under the header “From Seeds to Salad” and a column on conserving rainwater titled “Make Every Drop Matter.” Lowe’s is also offering a 10 percent discount on Energy Star appliances and promoting Earth Day deals on products such as organic garden soil, natural house cleaners and CFL bulbs.

• Individual Ace stores are partnering with local energy companies throughout the country to offer discounted CFL bulbs, as well as offering recycling programs for the bulbs. The Chicago Tribune reports that one Ace Hardware store in Cherry Hill, Colo., is partnering with local companies to help customers find and purchase solar panels for their homes.

• True Value owners are also offering a variety of promotions -- according to The Capital (Annapolis, Md.) newspaper, K&B True Value in Annapolis plans to give away free tree saplings and offer a 10 percent discount on eco-friendly products for Earth Day. True Value’s “Start Right. Start Here.” section of its Web site includes a $5 coupon on a $25 purchase and tips on green painting, “greenscaping” the yard and creating an energy-efficient home.

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