Report spells out fire-protection compliance

APA – The Engineered Wood Association has released APA System Report SR-405: Fire Protection of Floors Constructed with Prefabricated Wood I-Joists for Compliance with the 2012 International Residential Code. The report provides several practical systems for design and construction of fire-resistant floor assemblies built with wood I-joists that satisfy the requirements of 2012 IRC Section R501.3.

[The free report is available here.]

APA System Report SR-405 offers four options for fire protection of floors constructed with prefabricated wood I-joists. 

“The options are effective, uncomplicated to implement, and use cost-effective materials,” said Dr. Borjen Yeh, P.E., technical services director for APA. “SR-405 provides easy-to-apply solutions for code compliance, while affording additional fire protection to occupants and firefighters, as required by some local jurisdictions in this country.”

Dr. Yeh added that the report was developed to inform interested parties of the multiple options for fire resistant I-joist floor systems where the 2012 IRC Section R501.3 is mandated by the local jurisdiction.

“System Report SR-405 can be used by the authority having jurisdiction, designers, specifiers, and builders, in the design, construction, and approval of wood I-joist fire-protective floor systems that are compliant with Section R501.3 requirements,” he explained. APA System Report SR-405 was developed on the basis of the results of fire tests that met the stringent criteria established by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) Acceptance Criteria for Prefabricated Wood I-Joists, AC14. 

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