Red Shield lumber makes inroads to Haiti

Eco Building Products has announced its first successful shipment of 22 containers of “Red Shield” treated lumber, which has arrived at its Port au Prince distribution facility. The entire lumber package previously sold to local Haitian building supply companies will be distributed this coming week. 

Eco Building Products now has additional containers en route to its wholesale lumber facility to increase its market share in Haiti’s rebuilding efforts. This accomplishment follows more than two months of logistical issues and learning the process of exporting and importing commercial goods into Haiti.

Gils Aubry, Eco Building Products top representative in Haiti, met with President Michel Martelly this past week to discuss the role of both Red Shield lumber and the company’s new seismic wall system designed by Smart Components in the rebuilding effort. The company’s goal is to teach Haiti how to build cost-effective structures up to five stories with lumber as opposed to the traditional concrete methodologies that cannot withstand seismic movement. 

Previous to this week’s shipment, all prior shipments had been made to non-profit organizations in Haiti. Eco Building Products is now working with the U.S. Department of Trade and Commerce on plans to take Red Shield lumber into other countries. 

Eco Building Products is a manufacturer of “Red Shield” wood products treated with an eco-friendly proprietary chemistry that protects against fire, mold/mycotoxins, fungus, rot-decay, wood-ingesting insects and termites.  

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