Readers Respond: Spring employment on the rise

What's your company's human resources strategy for the busy selling season to come?

McLendon Hardware is hiring, according to a recent e-mail campaign.

The unemployment rate produced by the bureau of labor statistics is running at a super-low 4.1%. But regardless of the tight labor market, home improvement stores are going to face increased activity in the aisles and in the checkout lanes during the busy spring-selling season.

As they do every year, Home Depot and Lowe’s have announced massive spring hiring sprees. For readers of HBSDealer, there is definite hiring movement at work — 59% plan some type of hiring spree. But the sprees are commonly described as “minor. “

Specifically, HBSDealer posed the question:  “The big boxes announced massive spring hiring sprees. What's your spring strategy for human resources?”

Here is the breakdown of responses:

  • Minor hiring spree — 43%
  • Maintain current staff levels — 36%
  • Major hiring spree — 16%
  • Actually, we’re reducing staff — 5%

Some 80 people participated in the poll, which remains open. HBSDealer encourages you to cast your vote here, or comment on spring hiring strategy here.


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