Readers Respond: Short on Bitcoin

A cryptocurrency's $15,000 price tag elicits intense sticker shock among most readers.

Bitcoin's value was running about $13,860 on Thursday.

Earlier this week, HBSDealer took note of the price of a Bitcoin — roughly $15,000. On Friday, the cryptocurrency value was running at about $13,860.

That sharp drop shows the financial acumen of readers of HBSDealer, the vast majority of whom described $15,000 price tag on a single Bitcoin as "ridiculously high," in this week's poll question.

Specifically, the poll asked: "The cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin was selling for just under $15,000 on Monday. What's your take?"

  • 9% — At $15,000, Bitcoin is a bargain
  • 3% — At $15,000, Bitcoin is priced about right
  • 9% — At $15,000, Bitcoin is high
  • 79% — Come on, $15,000 is ridiculously high

As a point of information, Bitcoin's price in early January 2017 was a little more than $1,000.

The poll remains open. Cast your vote here.

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