Readers Respond: The right man for the job?

Home Channel News asked readers if they agreed with the selection of Jeffrey Immelt to lead the President's Council on Jobs and Effectiveness. Here's what we heard.

"I think Jeff Immelt is a terrible choice to head Obama’s jobs council  He has been an outspoken advocate for a new ‘partnership’ between the U.S. government and industry.  As the Wall Street Journal said in a recent editorial on this subject, ‘he is promoting policies and subsidies in green energy in which GE is heavily invested.’ This is not my vision of the ‘American way.’ United States business has always been the innovator instead of our government picking winners and losers with ‘partnerships’ using taxpayer dollars."
— Buddy Klumb
Klumb Lumber Co.
Fairhope, Ala.

"Mr. Immelt represents everything that is wrong with our current economy and governmental train of thought toward business.  His presence merely reinforces the pay-for-play system inside the beltway. What is needed is someone who understands the current predicament of our country, not someone who reinforces it." 
— Richard Freund

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