Readers Respond: On the pursuit of shoplifters

The following letters were a response to the article "Dealer turned commando stops alleged thief."

"No one in retail likes to lose product to a shoplifter. At the same time we are all jubilant when we recover our stolen goods. I have personally pursued and watched pursuits, and do believe that once a theft occurs and the product has left the building it is best to let the thief go on his or her way. I have asked myself after a number of personally involved occurrences: 'What if?' IF, can be scary!

"Document the occurrence, advise loss prevention and contact the local authorities if advised."
— David Thompson
Store manager
Carter Lumber

"It’s not worth pursuing a shoplifter because our judicial system will just slap them on the wrist. The first company I worked for caught theft on video tape; a customer stole about $500 in tools. He was later arrested with some of the tools and received a $50.00 fine."
— Bob Lacasse 
Hardware/Specialty Buyer 
Maki Building Centers

"Better a live coward, than a dead hero."
— Name withheld

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