Readers Respond: Paula Deen dropped

Several readers commented on the story, "Home Depot drops Paula Deen:"  

“If every celebrity, of every ethnicity, told the truth about if they had EVER in their life used a racial slur, I don't think anyone would be without sin. Good thing that Christ isn't around today to ask who among us is without sin and can cast the first stone. There are so many people (and companies) that refuse to look in the mirror and truly admit who they really are and what they have done in the past that Paula would be covered in stones hundreds of feet high. I'm waiting for Jessie Jackson to suggest that she either be crucified or burned at the stakes.”
— “Skeptical Observer,” from 

“Since all of those dropping Paula Deen and rallying against her are saints in this world and have never thought, uttered or outright have spoken in private or otherwise during their life an extremely derogatory, demeaning, totally inflammatory word against a person because of their race, creed, etc -- they all need to get delivered to them a box of rocks so they can stone her -- essentially what they are doing to her today.”
— “Pkrupa,” from 

“The dropping of Paula Deen at Home Deport gives me another reason to not shop there.  We all need to remember who without sin cast the first stone. All of us at some time in our lives have said or did something we regret -- it's called forgiveness.  I love how society allows sports figures to curse while playing and commit criminal acts and still continue to support and praise them for what they do."
— Name withheld 



- 1:15 PM
mrbartman87 says

Unfortunately, I don't think it is because these companies or people consider themselves without sin that they are choosing their path with this issue. They are choosing to find the path that will enable them to lessen their losses of sales due to a particular race or mentality. If they choose to keep her, which in people's minds means support her, they run the risk of losing sales to those that oppose her. If they choose to drop her, which in people's mind means denounce her, they run the risk of losing sales to those that support her. Why not say it like it should be. "We do not support the comment she made and have made her clear on that but we believe in her products and/or services which is why we partnered with her in the first place. Everyone deserves forgiveness and unless she continues making remarks like this, we will keep her as a good business partner."

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