Readers Respond: A multi-pronged hacking defense plan

It's been in the news more than a few times over the last couple of years: Major Retailer Gets Hacked. Millions of Customers Have Their Data Compromised. Big Name Retailer Sued Over Cyber Security Breach.

In this day and age, it's not enough to hope for the best. And it seems the majority of HBSDealer readers are hip to this wisdom.

In a poll earlier this week, we asked: "Businesses are increasingly under attack by hackers and cyber criminals. What's your defensive plan?"

A number of options were listed, as well as "all of the above." "All of the above" took home 48% of the vote so far, plus a number of votes for individual strategies:

Hire a consultant: 4%
Attend security conference: 0%
Update passwords: 11%
Read up on the issue: 11%

Only 26% said "do nothing and hope for the best."

What's your approach? Record your vote here.

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