Readers Respond: Is the mortgage deduction safe?

While politicians attempt to balance budgets, the mortgage interest tax deduction is again in the news. Readers respond here.

"There could be nothing worse our government could do than discourage the ownership of a home. I would like to think that our elected officials are at least smart enough to realize that!"
— Bruce M. Currie
C.A. Niece Lumber Co.
Lambertville, N.J.

"[Eliminating the deduction] would be a major blow to housing sales. The sale of a new or existing home has a major impact on our total economy. Durable goods and the service sectors of the market could be negatively impacted."
— Ed Sims

"I suggest Congress allow the mortgage interest deduction on the primary residence only but disallow it on second, third residences, which include motor homes, yachts, cabins etc. Ditto for real estate tax deduction, primary residence only."
— Name withheld

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