Readers Respond: Mission statement mysteries

Some employees know their corporate mission statement by heart. Not all of them, though.

The latest HBSDealer poll question tackled the issue of company mission statements. They always look good on paper. They are read with pride at formal events. And they are crafted with high-degree of care and attention.

Here is an amalgam of mission statements from companies within the hardware and building supply industry: “Our goal is to provide outstanding products and services, and the most competitive prices, while making the best even better in the market we serve.”

But do the employees take these statements to heart? Happily, many do, according to the results of the poll question.

HBSDealer asked the specific question: “To what extent do your company’s employees understand your company’s mission statement?” One hundred readers responded. Here’s how:

31%: All of them know it.

25%: Some of them know it.

17%: Most of them know it.

14%: None of them know it.

13%: Many of them know it.

Company planners across the industry should take heart that 48% of respondents say that mission statements are understood by all or most of the company’s employees.

The poll is still open here. Or better yet, share your comments about mission statements here.


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