Readers Respond to medical marijuana and the home business

Two news items last week -- here and here -- pointed to the potential for sales of medicinal marijuana-related products. Here's what we heard from readers. 

"For many years I believe that this market has not only been overlooked but is very lucrative, and for the life of me I cannot understand how anyone could miss the opportunity for growth (pardon the pun) in this market."
— Lynn Davis
Sebastopol, Calif.

"I believe this is a dishonest way of making pot legal and circumventing the Feds.

The states are tired of arresting pot smokers and sending them to jail. We tie up our court systems, which are really needed for higher crimes. We also tie up tax dollars that could be spent on something better. We have lost the war on drugs, and that is no joke. Billions have been spent to win this battle, or should I say this lost cause. It is not that I agree with this plan. I have never smoked pot, but those in charge today I bet most of them have and still do."
— John Stokes 

"I would love to investigate this as a new category. Historically you can watch the social, regulatory and legal trends begin in California and sweep across the nation. Getting on board now will only keep up with the market, but help form it as well."
— Jennifer L. Andrew
VP business development
Cambridge Resources

"It's not appropriate at all."
— Ed Deiss
White Bear Lake, Minn.

"Yes, it is about time the medical marijuana community is treated with respect. Great opportunities for helping people and increases legitimate business and tax revenue."
— Name withheld 

"Certainly an appropriate category. The stuff should be legalized anyway -- and taxed to death."
— Mark Peterson

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