Readers Respond: Mad about the M.I.D.

A poll asks for readers’ positions on the Mortgage Interest Deduction.

Tax incentives for home owners made headlines this week, as the National Association of Home Builders states its objection to the Republican tax plan. One specific deal breaker – an expected alternative to the mortgage interest deduction never materialized in the plan.

HBSDealer’s weekly poll question asked readers: “What’s your position on the Mortgage interest Deduction?” Here’s the tally of responses after 87 votes:

• 49%: MID must be saved in its current form, not some watered-down version.
• 31%: Lower taxes overall are more important than home ownership incentives.
• 20%: MID isn’t necessary, as long as there is some tax incentive for home ownership.

The poll remains open. We encourage your participation here. Or, tell us your opinion here.


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