Readers Respond to living-wage bill

As the living-wage bill makes the rounds in Washington, D.C., HCN readers embrace a right-to-work attitude.

Retailers in D.C. might be affected by a district wage rule.

The mayor of Washington, D.C., is considering a proposal that hike the miminum wage in the district for big retailers. 

The plan calls for a $12.50 minimum wage – well above the current $8.25 – for employees of companies with $1 billion or more in sales and stores measuring at least 75,000 square feet. 

Here’s how HCN readers weighed in:

• “I would wager most independents are paying close to if not more than this now for their frontline people. It would be an interesting comparison.”
-- Tom

• “Electing people that insist on incredible largess seems to be the trend these days. Wages are a function of the marketplace, not government. If enacted, how will this added burden on brick & mortar retailers affect the consumer’s desire to purchase more products from online sellers, who are unencumbered by the added cost?”
 -- Michael Slauson

• “I have always felt that wages should be based on mutual agreement between employer and employee -- not mandated by an enforced “minimums” structure.”
--Charles Mott

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