Readers Respond: It's all about the discounts

Grand opening events are numbered in their cliches: a performer to draw interest, flappy, inflatable noodle men, and stuff for the kids to do. But beyond all the icing on the cake, there's the substance, and that's what our readers say is important to emphasize.

In a poll earlier this week, we asked, "What’s the most important – pick one – feature of an anniversary or grand opening store event?"

The majority of respondents (53%) said that money talks, and money listens, by answering "discounts across the store." Another 23% believed the way to the heart is through the stomach, voting that "barbecue grill activity" is ultimately what will draw people in.

The other options received negligible votes, including door prizes (13%), local celebrity appearance (5%), a live band or an inflatable flappy, dancing air man (both 2%), and 1% for both "face painting and other kid activities" and "ribbon cutting with extra-large novelty scissors."

What do you prioritize in a grand opening? Take our poll here.

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