Readers Respond: Accident on the road to a green economy

Readers weigh in on the failure of solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra, and the state of the green economy: 

"Not every business plan is well thought-out.  Just because you have a new Solar Photovoltaic technology (as was the case with Solyndra), there is no assurance that the initial increased costs per watt to consumers will be accepted.

“Solyndra’s business plan was predicated on economies of scale bringing costs into line with existing technologies. In an industry changing as quickly as renewable energy is today, last year’s plan is obsolete before introduction. Perhaps smaller production facilities and a gradual start would have been the answer, rather than a huge production facility that made a great backdrop for a sound bite."
— Bob Whelan
Washington Supply Co.
Washington Depot, Conn.

"The technology and cost-benefit is not there yet for solar or many green industries. Wind is the most compelling, but with out-of-touch bureaucrats nothing will happen until we have a complete change in Washington."
— James Bologeorges

"The incident with this solar panel company had nothing to do with ‘green’ products as much as influence peddling. This blight (influence peddling) is the main cause of the plight that this great country currently finds itself in."
— Richard Freund

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