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A roundup of email received by Home Channel News

Lowe’s and “All-American Muslim”
Many readers responded to our coverage of Lowe’s decision to pull advertising from a TLC reality show. 

“Good for Lowe’s. [The company] has the right to put its sponsorship money any place it believes will get it the most exposure.”
— Don Dye
Mary’s River Lumber Co.
Corvallis, Ore.

“Americans in police and military uniforms have fought for the right to practice any form of religion without fear of persecution in this country. This was one of the fundamental principles on which our country was founded.

“Having said that, I don’t think a retailer deciding not to advertise on a particular TV show whose sole purpose is a religious PR campaign to push a specific agenda is ‘bigoted.’ There are plenty of fundamentalist Christian TV shows that most retailers wouldn’t want to advertise on simply because the people who watch those shows aren’t their core customer demographic. So, why are they bigoted if they don’t want to advertise on a Muslim TV show, but not bigoted if they don’t want to advertise on a Christian TV show?”
— Steve White

“Lowe’s Home Improvement made its decision to end advertising during the TLC show ‘All-American Muslim’ following the bigoted outcry of the Florida Family Association (FFA). The FFA claims the program is a form of ‘propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.’

“Ironically, Lowe’s CEO Robert Niblock oversees the Lowe’s Social Responsibility policy for Diversity and Inclusion. The policy states: ‘Lowe’s is committed to treating each customer, employee, community, investor and vendor with respect and dignity.’ I urge Niblock to add the following amendment: ‘So long as that customer, employee, community, investor or vendor doesn’t practice Islam, a belief that offends an ignorant and backwards segment of our market.’ Society has an ethical and moral duty to stand up against an unjust influence of those attempting to pit Americans against Americans on account of differing faiths.”
— Adam Staerkel
Austin, Texas

“Now we are defining religious freedom by forced financial sponsorship.”
— Jeff Wilson 

“If Lowe’s had decided to quite advertising on a Christian-based program, would Senator Ted Lieu have called Lowe’s bigoted, shameful and un-American? I don’t think so.

“Lowe’s should be able to use its advertising money anyway it sees fit.”
— Steve Johnson
Johnson Hardware

Bulb ban delayed
The following letters were prompted by coverage of a federal delay in enforcement of the phaseout of certain incandescent light bulbs that was to take effect Jan. 1.

“Finally, a small glimmer of sanity in Washington, listening to the majority of consumers/voters rather than forcing a political agenda.

“Yes, make the delay permanent. Please let me choose when and where in my home to use new bulb technologies versus the traditional incandescent technologies. As the new bulb technologies continue to evolve and improve, I will eventually switch to 100% usage of the new bulb technologies once I perceive that the value-proposition (including all factors: light quality, energy savings, eco considerations, price, etc.) warrants doing so. But that should be my free-market decision with the bulb manufacturers working hard to improve bulbs so that product performance and value drive the change, not a government mandate.”
— Anonymous 

“What a brave group of legislators we have taking on the light bulb instead of the economy! I wonder how many fancy $25 light bulbs you can sell to the millions of people who are losing their homes because of these idiots in Washington. We better fix the economy, the deficit and the out-of-control Washington spending first! Let me buy whatever light bulb I want!”
— Bill Snyder
Payroll tax cut extension

“I look at this payroll tax cut extension as a political move that is relatively valueless in its ability to stimulate anything except some limited good feelings with some voters and as a potentially destructive move applied to Social Security funding, which is already in short supply due to the inability of Congress to manage financial affairs. This does not in any substantial way address the deficit or the lack of growth in our economy and is not in any way a positive economic move. Pure politics, pure and simple. Not one job will be created. Its implementation will not bring back any certainty to our economy. It is simply a poor version of pork barrel politics — pandering at its worst.”
— George McCullough

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