Reader Mail: CEOs, marijuana, in-store pick up and more

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Regarding  Eye on Retail: Kroger to expand checkout-free experience in 2018

“For many years, I've been voicing, as a consumer, the ridiculousness of grocery shopping. For my family, we have to handle items at least five times from store to home. With the strides in culture and technology, the possibility and culture acceptance is finally here. However, I see a future where the physical aspect of shopping is completely removed. We are already seeing an order online, pick up in store shift from industry players. In the building materials space, this is also a huge opportunity for improvements from local, individually owned warehouses over big box stores to offer the convenience of in store pick up."

— philipdbrown

Regarding  Throwback Thursday: End of an era

“Here's my memory of the era of the Nardelli days at Depot: Me--walking into a store on Saturday to buy something for a home project, and looking around for an orange apron, anywhere...and shouting "Hellooooooo out there." "Is anyone around to help me?"

— jeffwedge

Regarding  Universal Forest Products making moves in Florida

"Working in the Lumber industry for over a year now and looking forward to many more."

— CGuckes1998

Regarding  As more states consider decriminalization or legalization of marijuana, what's your reaction?

“Mental acuity in the construction workplace is key to everyone's safety. This is an industry where, generally, workers work hard and play hard and occasionally, the two overlap. Introducing a legal opportunity to lessen one's ability to think clearly on the job-site, no matter what the financial gain in taxes might be, is not worth the risk of injuries. I believe that if lawsuits for injuries, etc. were directed to the government for passing this legislation, the outcome would be different. You'll never stop those who currently use Marijuana, and other drugs. So, as long as it would still be illegal for workers to be high on the job-site, I would not have as much of an objection for it to be legalized. I still don't think it's right, but what's right or wrong are not always key elements in legislation.”

— Name withheld


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