Racor reaches for ladder-storage innovation

Ladder Lift

A product that easily and securely stores ladders overhead was unveiled by Racor at the 2012 International Home + Housewares Show.

Called the “Racor Ladder Lift” the new product uses a rope and pulley system along with a fixed hook that is mounted on the ceiling. Easily lift and lower a 150lb ladder up to 12 feet by simply lifting the ladder onto the fixed hook, attaching the strap to the bottom of the ladder, and pulling the rope.

The concept frees up valuable wall space, where ladders typically hang. 

"Consumers are looking for innovative solutions for their storage problems," said Craig Zurko, marketing manager for Racor. "People have told us they weren't happy with the topical ladder hooks on the market today. They stick out too far from the wall and they were tired of car doors hitting the ladder that was hung along the wall as they got out of their cars."

The pulleys and the fixed hook do most of the work making a typical 80 lb. ladder only feel like it is 10 lbs.: an 8:1 mechanical advantage. A unique locking mechanism holds the rope securely in place to prevent accidental release.


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