Quikrete seeks to save the mailbox

A “Save the Endangered Mailbox” public service announcement from Quikrete serves to raise awareness and drive homeowners to repair their damaged mailboxes, the company said.

In 2012, the United States Postal Service processed and delivered approximately 528 million pieces of mail each day, many of which reached recipients by way of more than 50 million curbside mailboxes around the country.

Unfortunately, these curbside mailboxes are often the victim of an inattentive driver, severe weather, teen pranks like mailbox baseball or other tragic incidents that can make mail delivery more challenging. While these harmful incidents cannot altogether be avoided, The Quikerete Cos. is challenging homeowners to make a difference through the “Save the Endangered Mailbox” campaign, which will award homeowners for the best mailbox makeovers. 

Homeowners can enter the mailbox makeover contest from April 8 to May 5 by posting before-and-after project photos on the Quikrete Facebook page. The top three mailbox makeovers will be awarded $1,000, $700 and $300, respectively.

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