QUAD system simplifies installation

The OSI brand rolled out the new QUAD Window & Door System, a product designed to simplify and improve the installation of new and replacement windows and doors. 

The QUAD Window & Door System is a compatible installation system that takes confusion out of product selection and contains everything needed to successfully install a new or replacement window or door, according to Westlake, Ohio-based OSI. Comprised of only three products, the system is powered by QUAD MAX, a patented new sealant formula with superior flexibility, strength and durability performance.

The product also claims to reduce risks associated with energy loss and water penetration.

QUAD MAX is the only sealant required in the QUAD Window & Door System and works as a three-in-one interior, exterior and bedding sealant. It replaces all the sealant products from the WINTeQ system: TeQ::Seal, EP-1000, H2U and QUAD.

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