In Purcellville, Va., a store struggles through tragedy

In September of 2010, Nichols Hardware owners Ted and Karen Nichols died in a car accident, leaving the future of their classic Purcellville, Va., hardware store in doubt. 

The Purcellville, Va.-based store is a classic piece of Americana, and the subject of a documentary called, “Nichols: The Last Hardware Store. According to Sarah Huntington, CEO of Lincoln Studios, which is produced the film, the goal is to share with audiences the sights and sounds of a business that has changed very little in the last 95 years.

“When you go into Nichols Hardware, you feel like you’ve entered a Norman Rockwell painting,” said Huntington, who lives locally and has been shopping at Nichols for about 20 years. “It’s the way the staff congregates at the counter, they way they know your name. It really is like heading back in time.”

Following the tragic accident, Ted's 80-year-old uncle Ken Nichols took over running the business. A recent Washington Post feature article asks: "Can anything save Nichols Hardware?"


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