Pulte Homes sees 'soft modern' ruling the 2014 trend outlook

Pulte Homes has dished on its trend outlook for the new year: soft colors, natural lighting, open spaces, modern details and reclaimed furniture are all of-the-moment design trends for 2014, according to the homebuilder.

"Many of the prevailing trends from 2013 will be seen in 2014, but with a softer and more modern edge," said Janice Jones, VP merchandising for PulteGroup, Inc. "We'll still see soothing colors, bold accent pieces and open layouts, but 2014 is about mixing and matching a warm, comfortable environment with modern finishes and angular details."

According to the company's consumer research, buyers still prefer open layouts, with the kitchen serving as the "hub" of the home.

Other trends noted are a proliclivity toward large windows, simple can lighting and under-counter lighting and spotlights. Various shades of gray are also popular in wood flooring, walls, cabinetry and surfaces. Finally, there's a continuing tendency toward mixing and matching: that of soft, rustic elements and their more angular, modern counterparts.

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