Product prevents wet basements

Wayne Water Systems’ new Sump Minder promises to take the worry out of sump pump operation by calling you before there’s a problem.  It is designed to gauge urgency and contact the homeowner so they can take action before a flood occurs.

“A sump pump is a mechanical device, and like any mechanical device, it can fail because it has components that will wear out over time,” said Tony Renfro VP sales and marketing for Wayne Water Systems. “Also, power outages are more frequent because of population growth that puts stress on the power grid, and extreme weather conditions.”

Sump Minder’s technology combines self-testing and continuous battery checks with an auto-dial feature connected to a phone line. The unit continually checks for AC Power and 12 volt DC battery status. If the power goes out or the DC battery needs replacing, the system will dial the phone numbers you program in with a voice alert. In addition, every 14 days the unit runs a self-test sequence, checking the float switch status and cycling the DC backup pump. If the system is not functioning properly, the homeowner gets a phone call to check the unit.

The system connects to a standard land line, or a VOIP telephone connection. Since a standard land line (POTS) continues to work during a power outage, this is the most reliable telephone connection. If you use DSL, or cable service for telephone service (VOIP), the company recommends that the modem and router have a battery backup. If you don’t have land line service, check with your local phone company for what is called a service line, which is available for third-party monitoring systems or a device like this, and is typically a fraction of the cost of standard phone service.

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