Product Central: Neat-Feet

Products on the national stage at the National Hardware Show.

Once a year, the industry packs its bags and heads to Las Vegas for the annual hardware event that tops all the rest in its scope, diversity, and sheer magnitude.

The National Hardware Show attracts a dense and diverse crowd from all over the country, which is only surpassed by the assortment of products littered across a show floor vast enough to move the needle on one’s Fitbit. It’s certainly not possible to see everything the National Hardware Show has to offer, but that’s why the show organizers are offering tailored recommendations to attendees. For an added level of optimization, here are a few highlights from HBSDealer that might be worthy of your attention.

Here is a product featured in a recent issue of HBSDealer:



Neat-Feet is the quick and easy way for your customers to clean their shoes, boots or cleats and “leave the dirt outside.” Neat-Feet makes a natural Made-in-USA addition to an impulse display featuring doormats, outdoor footwear, or in farm & ranch.
( Booth: 10166


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