Product Central: Deckorators’ Heritage Composite Decking

Let’s take this outside with outdoor essentials.

Like a perennial shrub, the outdoor living category crops up on the retail radar with seasonal regularity. But as homeowners begin to spend more and more of their time outside, the entire concept of “outdoor living” has become more literal.

The demand is solidly in place for trimmings and products that allow homeowners to enjoy the same comforts of a kitchen or a living room on their deck or patio.

Here’s a smattering of products that can arguably play a role in creating this atmosphere. From the beer koozie to the treated decking that one drinks it on, these products all come together to form an experience that directly speaks to lifestyle trends in 2017.


Deckorators’ Heritage Composite Decking

Among Deckorators’ new-for-2017 offerings is this new variety of composite decking, embossed to provide the rustic look of distressed wood flooring (in a pattern that does not repeat for at least 12 feet). (


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