ProBuild picketers move to Denver

The ongoing strike against ProBuild by Teamsters Local 673 moved west this week when the Chicago-area union started picketing the company’s Denver headquarters. Sign-carrying teamsters began marching along the road in front of ProBuild’s corporate office building on Aug. 31 and plan to continue at least through Labor Day weekend.

Roger Kohler, principal of Teamsters Local 673, said the Denver picketing was timed to coincide with Labor Day. “We hope to [generate] some publicity there,” he said.

“ProBuild has worked earnestly to develop a mutually beneficial agreement with our Teamsters employees,” said ProBuild spokeswoman Carolyn Atkinson. “ProBuild presented its last, best and final offer to union representatives, and we remain hopeful that we will come to an agreement soon. Our No. 1 priority is to serve our customers and ProBuild continues to operate at pre-strike levels in Illinois to ensure our customers’ needs are met”.

Drivers and warehouse workers went on strike July 28 at ProBuild locations in Yorkville and Wheaton, Ill. Multiple negotiation sessions over health benefits, guaranteed hours and other issues have failed, despite the assistance of a federal mediator.

Kohler said that some of the picketers are union members from the Denver area. “We sent one [teamster] out, and we’re working with the Denver Teamsters Local,” Kohler said.

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