Porch sets up shop in Lowe's stores nationwide

Lowe's customers can expect to see Porch terminals like this one when they go to any of its nationwide locations.

Lowe's and Porch have been busy since announcing their strategic partnership last January. Now, the companies are making the alliance known in all 1,700+ Lowe's stores nationwide after first introducing the service in the Carolinas and Seattle areas.

That means Porch is the in-store resource at every Lowe's store in the country, there to help homeowners link up with home improvement professionals for just about every project outside of Lowe's current installation services.

"While we have already been able to help our customers with projects like installing flooring or remodeling a kitchen, our partnership with Porch means we can now guide customers to find help for nearly any home improvement service, from routine maintenance to dream projects," said Jay Rebello, VP new business development and corporate innovation at Lowe's. "Homeowners trust Lowe's products and project expertise, and now that relationship can extend to the search for home improvement pros by providing a highly personal, localized experience through Porch."

Employees will be trained to assist customers using their mobile devices or various in-store terminals.

Home improvement pros can also sign up for a free Porch profile to take advantage of the added exposure.

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