Porch dishes on home improvement trends

Porch.com has issued its latest quarterly Porch Data Trends Report, which leverages the home improvement site's data to help homeowners stay abreast of trends in the industry. 

"Similar to the first Porch Data Trends Report, we wanted to use unique data insights and analytics from the Porch network to help homeowners get the most out of their home, which for many is the biggest investment in their lives," said CEO Matt Ehrlichman. "As we transition into fall and winter, homeowners planning to sell or a buy a home should invest in the right home improvement projects to appeal to potential buyers, or to protect a recently purchased home."

Most notably, general contractors and handymen are consistently the most hired professionals before selling a home nationwide, indicating a trend toward small projects aimed at increasing selling price.

However, the most searched-for professionals nationwide (and in each region itself) over the last 30 days were painters.

Additionally, the popularity of window contractors is on the rise. This may be a sign that potential buyers are becoming keener about inspecting windows and screens.

As for the post-purchase project cycle, Porch data found that on a national level, door replacement (7%) was the most popular project. Regionally, it had the most bang for its buck in the Midwest, where door replacement generated a 213% return on investment.

The Data Trends Report is based off insight from the 1.5 million home improvement professionals and the 100 million projects in the Porch network.

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