Poll Results: touched by disaster impact

From “direct hit” to “completely unscathed” here’s a breakdown of disaster impact.

A minority of respondents to a recent HBSDealer poll question report they their business was completely unscathed by recent natural disasters. The rest were either hit, their communities were hit, or they know someone who was hit.

The recent weeks have seen devastating natural disasters in the form of hurricanes Havey, Irma and Maria, in the South and deadly wildfires in the West.

We asked: “Fires, floods, hurricanes: How has your business been affected by recent natural disasters.” Here are the results:

• 34% -- “Completely unscathed.”
• 32% -- “Unscathed. But we know others who suffered losses.”
• 21% -- “Indirect hit. Our facilities were OK, but our community was hit.”
• 13% -- “Direct hit. Our facilities were damaged.”

The total vote count for the poll was 38. Readers can continue to take the poll here.

Also, tell us about your businesses disaster experience here

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