Poll results: Up in smoke?

Readers respond to the movement toward decriminalization or legalization of marijuana.

The list of states that have passed laws decriminalizing certain marijuana possession offenses is growing. And the newly elected New Jersey governor campaigned in the direction of legalization.

As the movement grows, the construction industry cringes, or at least some of the construction industry. Concern over the mental state of employees handling heavy equipment on the job site, many believe, can be a big problem in states that allow marijuana.

Still, almost as many readers had a positive reaction as a negative reaction to the growing movement of decriminalization.

Specifically, HBSDealer asked: “As more states  consier decriminalization or legalization of marijuana, what’s your reaction?” Here are the responses:

• 46% “Negative. Marijuana and construction do not mix.”
• 45% “Positive. Legalize it, and gain much needed tax revenue.”
• 9% “Neutral. It’s not an issue on my day-to-day radar.”

Some 150 people responded. The poll is still open. Cast your vote here. Or, tell us what you think here.

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