Poll Results: Sales vs. Solar Eclipse

A once-in-a-lifetime event thrills star gazers, but not sales managers.

Chalk one up for the nation’s astronomers. They predicted a total eclipse of the sun on Monday for a large swath of the country, and they were right.

Scientists also warned against looking directly into the sun. HBSDealer staff took the advice seriously, and avoided ocular injury.

Monday’s solar eclipse put mankind in harmony with the universe. But did it help home improvement sales? That was the exact question we put to readers. Here is how they responded:

  • 50% — “No. With everyone driving to the viewing fields, transactions were down.”
  • 26% — “Yes. Sales of protective eyeware, welding goggles and other incidentals spiked.”
  • 24% — “I don’t know. I was distracted by the excitement of the eclipse.”

The poll received a total of 66 votes. It remains open for participation. Take the poll here.

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