Poll Results: Here’s what’s boosting business

There are plenty of types of housing activity. What’s the most important to your company?

Single-family construction leads the survey.

There are many forces acting on the home improvement industry. First of all, people have to live somewhere. Secondly, the dwellings in which people live get older every day, and are almost always in need of some kind of repair or maintenance.

There are also several types of housing activity that drive sales to hardware stores and building supply dealers. We asked readers to break it down for us. Specificially, we asked: “What type of housing activity is your biggest business booster?”

With just under 60 readers voting at last tally, here are the results:

• 51%, Single-family home construction

• 25%, Remodeling

• 18%, Maintenance and

• 7%, Multi-family home construction

HBSDealer encourages your participation. You can still take the poll here. Or tell us your opinion in a letter to the editor here.


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