Police break up building materials theft ring

After an eight-month investigation, police from several Oregon and Washington counties served search warrants on seven Portland-area houses and recovered approximately $1 million of stolen building materials, according to an article in The Oregonian.  

Much of the recovered material -- roofing shingles, siding, rebar and power tools -- had been stolen from local businesses and was being offered up for sale on Craigslist and eBay, police said.

Authorities arrested Steven Terrill, 38, whom they accuse of being the ringleader of a network of suspects stealing vehicles and other items, creating fake credit cards and selling stolen property. Terrill was taken into custody just before dawn on Feb. 17, as he returned to a small white house in the Northeast section of Portland. The homes was elevated 12 ft. in the air and supported by a crisscross of steel beams, large house jacks and thick wooden blocks, all of which had been stolen from local businesses and construction sites, police said. 

Ted Nisley, a branch manager at Allied Building Products Corp., arrived later to help identify materials. His crew recovered nearly $6,000 in allegedly stolen materials.

Allied workers carried out 90-lb. bags of roofing shingles and dropped them onto a large truck, as others hauled out long pieces of rebar or power tools.

At least five other individuals were arrested as part of the bust. KATU News reported that among the recovered building materials were windows destined to be installed in Terrill’s elevated house, which he was renovating.

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