Planalytics sees strength in weather-driven demand

A June weather report from Planalytics pointed to a number of ways in which last month's weather events boosted store sales across the country.

For example, both Father's Day and Independence Day were at their coolest in years; with the exception of heavy rainfall and the presence of Hurricane Arthur in the Northeast, cool and dry conditions created favorable conditions for outdoor activities.

Although temperatures in the U.S. and Canada tended to be on the warmer side, the U.S. was still cooler than it was last June, though Canada had its warmest June since 2006.

Additionally, a spike in severe weather (5,700 events) made a notable impact on seasonal sales. In addition to Hurricane Arthur over the July 4 holiday, June saw five of the seven strongest tornadoes of the year so far in the Plains and Midwest.

“June provided a number of weather-driven opportunities for businesses," said Planalytics president Scott Bernhardt. "Key holidays and significant weather events had consumers purchasing need-based products throughout the month. While weather was changeable in June, those who were able to stage inventory in the right markets at the right times provided value to consumers.”

Among other notable statistics, there was less rainfall overall this year compared to June of last year, despite the hurricane. June 2013 had the most rainfall in over 50 years. In the West North Central region, rainfall reached a 50-year peak.

As far as temperature goes, this year saw the warmest first week of June since 2006, though Father's Day was the coolest since 2003. In specific regions, New England was at its warmest since 2001, with San Francisco at its warmest since 1993. The West South Central region was at its coolest since 2007, with Little Rock, Kansas City and Memphis each marking 10-year records for coolness.

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