Picketers linger at two ProBuild sites

Picketers outside a Yorkville, Ill., yard

Picketers continue at two Chicagoland locations of ProBuild Holdings, the nation’s largest pro dealer, which has been trying to negotiate a new contract with Teamsters Local 673 since April. A one-day mediation session held on Aug. 24 was unsuccessful after both sides failed to reach any agreements. Teamsters spokesman Roger Kohler said the union was initially hopeful “because [ProBuild] sent someone out from Denver for the first time.”

Top of the list, according to both ProBuild and the Local 673, are healthcare benefits. The union claims many of its warehouse and delivery drivers will not be able to afford health insurance due to higher premiums and a cutback in hours. Bill Myrick, ProBuild’s newly appointed CEO, told Home Channel News that the company is trying to standardize its best practices across its many locations, and one of these is healthcare plans. “We want to treat all of our employees equally,” Myrick explained.

“We look very much forward to resolving this issue,” he added.

Meanwhile, union employees continue to march along the road in front of ProBuild stores in Yorkville and Wheaton, Ill.

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