Phasing out the bulb: Still in the dark?

Consumers were asked if they were excited about more energy-efficient bulbs, or worried because they prefer using traditional light bulbs.

Most people simply aren’t aware of the looming phaseout of most old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs by 2014.

Still, more people say they are excited about the prospect of gaining energy efficiency than worried about the prospect of losing the familiar glow of traditional bulbs.

Those were among the finding of the third annual Osram Sylvania Socket Survey — a consumer survey involving more than 300 homeowners and renters nationwide. 

While more than one-third of Americans are aware of the federal phaseout of incandescent light bulbs, the majority of consumers — 63% — are not. Plus, a full 80% are not aware that the 100-watt bulb is scheduled to disappear from store shelves beginning in 2012. 

When asked in particular about the elimination of the 100-watt bulb, most planned to switch to a CFL, LED or halogen bulb. Less than one-third (23%) said they would stick with incandescents, but switch to a lower wattage. Only 13% planned to stash away a supply of 100-watt bulbs.

Overall, the public appears to be optimistic toward the changes ahead: 59% of respondents reported that they excited that Americans will soon use more energy-efficient lighting solutions.

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