Personna's Flip Lock Carpet Knife does work in half the time

The Flip Lock Carpet Knife brings efficiency to the carpet-cutting trade.

Personna is introducing the Flip Lock Carpet Knife to its product line, boasting a design said to cut carpet cutting time in half for contractors.

The knife's head is designed to easily change position, allowing the user to use both edges of the blade. 

"Our new Flip Lock Carpet Knife is a simple, easy to use solution for today's carpet installers," said Bob Senesac, director of marketing for Personna's Industrial/Professional Division. "Rather than flipping blades over to use multiple edges, you just flip and lock the head of this knife in position. You can get back to cutting right away. No blade flipping or handling of sharp blades. Just flip and go."

According the company, the reduced blade handling (by 50%) makes the Flip Lock Carpet Knife safer than traditional carpet knives.

Senesac also reported that the company will continue focusing on blade improvements in terms of product innovation for 2014.

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